Disney’s Christmas Classics (Part 1)

For a long time, it was an annual tradition for Disney to run a month-long comic serial in the papers at Christmas, featuring many of their beloved characters helping Santa. I was afraid that most of these would be lost to time, but recently, Disney released an amazing collection of almost all of them in hardcover form. I have this collection and it’s very good! I’ll include an Amazon link at the end of these posts where I look through the many Disney Christmas stories found in this book.

Peter Pan’s Christmas Story (1960)

Because Captain Hook hates everything fun and jolly, he naturally despises Christmas. One year, however, he comes up with a plan to essentially commit a terrorist act on the North Pole. See, Santa never gets any gifts himself, so using Smee, Hook will send a “present that will end all presents” to Santa Claus.

Like in the Peter Pan movie, it’s a bomb in a delicately-wrapped box. Tinkerbell overhears the evil plot (Peter sent her to spy on Hook) and reports back to her boss/boyfriend/whatever-Pan’s-title-of-the-day-is.

Smee is blasted out of the ship’s cannon toward the North Pole. He realizes too late that he has no way of getting back. Maybe Hook is killing two birds with one stone by getting his incompetent sidekick out of the way?

Oddly enough, the Seven Dwarfs appear to live up at the Pole, complete with a replica cottage! Perhaps it’s a vacation home?

Smee sneaks in and rather cleverly disguises himself as an eighth dwarf. Amusingly, the Dwarfs don’t really notice that there’s another one of them, although Grumpy does remark that it feels more crowded than normal.

After the Dwarfs fall asleep, Smee sneaks the bomb over to Santa as “Bashful,” although I’m going to have to fault Santa a little bit by admitting he can’t tell the dwarfs apart. Santa, man, c’mon. That’s not something you admit out loud, especially to one of the dwarfs!

Smee hightails it out of there as Santa looks his gift over in delight, having never received one before. Peter Pan and Tink get there right in time to stop Santa from opening it. They toss it out the window, landing it right by Smee, blasting him all the way back to Neverland.

So did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Well, Hook got away with no comeuppance, Smee will most likely be severely punished for failing, and Santa still hasn’t received a real gift ever.

But everyone else is happy, I guess! 🙂

Amazon link for the book: https://www.amazon.com/Disneys-Christmas-Classics-Frank-Reilly/dp/1684050065